Wisdom - creen from game


Author: Xakkar
Genre: logical, maze
Playtime: ~15 minutes

Wisdom - creen from game
First few minutes in game may not make a good impression on you. The raw graphics and misleading first item may induce you to quit to soon. But remember it’s a compo entry, so keep going. Other clues are better thought. I especially liked the one with a ditch (I suppose it is a ditch) which you should first fill with water and then turn into ice. Only after that you can go further. In such cases raw graphics makes the clues more exciting.

I enjoyed this game also due to other reasons. E.g. there is no map. It may be annoying but on the other hand it trains memory and reminds the good old Legend of Zelda series.

Playing this game I was thinking about the great potential it has. I hope it turn some day into a nice looking and engaging story with living characters. For me it could be a pretty good alternative to many emotionally flat games.


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