The Mind of Marlo - screen from the game

The Mind of Marlo

Author: Rodobodolfo
Genre: logical, adventure
Playtime: ~45 minutes

The Mind of Marlo - screen from the gameAnother jam entry that I had to share. I like the overal feeling, sounds and graphics, but what makes this game so awesome is the story. I couldn’t stop laughing. No matter which item I chose, Marlo had incredible story about it… It was just like watching a good commedy with Leslie Nielsen or Jim Carrey. Clues were pretty hard but finally after about 45 minutes I got them all done:

The Mind of Marlo - ending screen from the game

If you like to laugh, you must play it!


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  1. You wouldn’t happen to have a link for this ?
    The itch .io page keeps showing 404 error on the windows download link

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