Info Produkt

State: Released
Technology: Symfony 3.x
Language: PHP5+

Info Produkt homepage

The Info Produkt site is dedicated to customers interested in RTV, AGD, IT and other similar products. It provides:

  • latest news
  • customers guides
  • products cleaning/maintaing tips
  • tests and reviews of new products/technologies

However the most valuable part of the service is its` independent and reliable products rating. You can find there the most recommended products and the most trustworthy brands of each segment in selected product category.


From technical point of view the Info Market site is part of a complex web application consisting of:

All parts of the system share the same database which makes it easier to maintain the whole bunch. Moreover the same database is used as a data source for smaller mobile apps dedicated to specific products category (washers, coolers, tv, etc.).

Tools: Symfony 3.x, Bootstrap4, jQuery
Languages: PHP5+, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

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